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      Map of Ostrów

        Paweł Bryliński (born 1814 in Wieruszów - died 1890 in Masanów, buried in Ołobok) was a folk sculptor, a wandering woodcarver and an outstanding artist of southern Wielkopolska. On the trail of his woodcarving walk, we can find the vicinity of Ostrów Wielkopolski and Odolanów as well as Krotoszyn, Pleszew and the sculptor's hometown Wieruszów. In the area of Ostrów Wielkopolski in Pru¶lin and the neighbouring Topola Mała, Gorzyce Małe, Gorzyce Wielkie, Lamki and Radziwiłłów there were or there are until today the works of Master of Masanów.

        The project of the Internet website entitled "The Monuments of Folk Art in the Ostrów Area - the Trail of Paweł Bryliński" - is carried out by the Social Committee for Saving the Sacred Sculpture of Paweł Bryliński and it received a financial support from the Grant Fund for Ostrów Wielkopolski in 2006.

Translation: Katarzyna Mruk
©2006 E.Chmielewska, D.Majchrzak