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Fig. 1
The wayside cross in Radziwiłłów.
Photo by Ewa Chmielewska


      At the crossroads in Radziwiłłów near Gorzyce Wielkie there is a new cross. A tiny chapel with a porcelain statue of Mary hangs on it. A few years before World War Two there was pensive Sorrowful Christ in a similar chapel on the old cross. It was a small, approximately 30 cm high statue, which was carved by the wood-carver Paweł Bryliński. The fate of the figure stays unexplained.

Fig. 2
An archival image of Sorrowful Christ in the chapel on the cross.
Photo by Stanisław Błaszczyk
Translation: Katarzyna Mruk
copyright©2006 E.Chmielewska, D.Majchrzak